Getting Your Teenager Involved in Fundraising

July 28th, 20140 Comments

Many parents of teenagers complain that their child has grown into someone they hardly recognise: obsessed with their own image and by what others think of them; mortally embarrassed of anything their parents say or do. Wearing the ‘right’ clothes is extremely important as is being seen in the ‘right’ places.

What is actually happening is that these children have become rather too involved in their own world – and that world is rather small and centred around them. A brilliant way to dig them out of this little self-centred hole is to show them that there is actually a whole planet out there, filled with people, plants and animals that do not give a second thought to how your teenager’s hair looks on any given day. In fact, some of those people, plants or animals are in dire need of some care and support.


Getting a teenager involved in charity work is a great way to give them some perspective on life. An animal charity such as the RSPCA would be a good choice because most teenagers are aware of the need to care and protect animals and most feel naturally inclined to do so.

It is not usually possible for people aged under 18 to volunteer to work in shelters or charity shops (though it is always worth asking) but a great way for them to get involved is to start fundraising. Talk with your teen about what they might like to do to raise money: perhaps a sponsored walk, swim, and cycle? Or how about getting together with some friends to organise a charity car wash?

Once you have thought of some ideas together (make sure they suggest some, to give them some ownership of what they are going to do) then have a look at the RSPCA Choices site. This has details of several different individual projects that are currently in need of financial support. Ask your teen to search through the different RSPCA fundraising projects and choose one that they feel is most important and that they can identify with most closely.

The nice thing about being able to choose a particular project to support with fundraising is that you can see exactly where the money your teenager raises is actually spent: they can see that they are doing some good and making a real difference to the lives of animals.

The projects have a target amount that they want to raise, and your teenager’s money is added towards that project. They could choose to raise money for several different projects over time or to continue to take part in further fundraising events to work towards one project’s target.

They can also make use of their extensive network of online friends by advertising their fundraising event on their favourite social networking site. The RSPCA Choices site lets you create a fundraising web page that can then easily be linked online to spread the word about the event, the cause and how to support your teenager’s efforts.

Giving your child some perspective and a strong work ethic together with a sense of accomplishment will give you both something to be proud of, and raise much needed funds for the RSPCA at the same time.


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